Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Thoughts On Spraying The Entire Vehicle With Bedliner

Happening guys, it's Tuesday guys are getting a double feature again today and feel police. You you emailed me via YouTube, wondering about um, ran, aligning your whole truck or using that bedliner stuff on your whole truck and guys I've been getting a lot of questions about this and I figured I would just make a video about it because there's some reason. This contact lock, BS, I'm freakin YouTube. I try to get back to you guys and responses and it says that they, you have to enable contact lock or unable, and I don't know so. I can't email half you guys back. So I apologize. But it's a good question about the bedliner in your whole truck I've. Seen guys do it, it's not a preference for me. Okay, unless I was building like a beater or something to run around in the woods or like a mud vehicle, or something like that. I wouldn't do it to say my pickup truck personally, okay, but each each is to own and everybody has their preference. This is my opinion on it that say, Ryan aligning. You know the spray, I'm not. The spray can stuff that you buy it like autozone or advance auto parts, I'm talking to real stuff, where you got to use a gun and put the stuff out and with a gun, it's durable. Okay. This is the thing, though, if you don't properly prep the car like say is: if you would to paint it, you could be trapping in moisture, rust, dirt, salt, whatever is a help and corrosion protection, my opinion, is, it probably would, but the thing is is if You go ahead and say you have a will, use an example, a ninety five s, time to pick up a little bit of. You know a little bit of rust here and there on it. No real holes, okay, we'll just say it's got. You know some scabs on it and just say you take a chisel and you chisel the scabs off it and you go ahead and spray the rhino lining on it. Okay, it's gon na look good okay, but this is the deal you're still going over. The top of there rust okay, so is what's gon na happen, is if there's any moisture inside of that rust, rust, press, okay, moisture oxygen, salt all causes rust to spread. So if you don't have the vehicle on a clean dry place in the vehicle isn't clean. I mean wiping the whole thing down say like taking 320 grit sandpaper and sanding the whole vehicle down. Okay, if you don't, if you don't prep it in my opinion that stuff's gon na peel off eventually, okay, it may not I've never personally used it. This is just me thinking as a painter. If you don't prep the surface, the pain is not going to stick to it. So is what I will do if you, if you really insist on and bedliner in your whole truck pull the thing in repair. The rust is, if you would, if you're gon na paint it go ahead and put a good primer on it and then go ahead and use the the bedliner okay, if you do not, if you're just going over like little pinholes things like that, that moisture still Gon na get in there - and it's gon na rot on the back side of that steel. Here now we're gon na see it. The bedliner is gon na hold together. Okay, it dries like a real, thick plastic okay, so it's gon na appear that there's nothing going on it's gon na look like the vehicle is, is holding up well, but if you get on the back side of that panel, where it wasn't treated, okay and the Rust has already started: it's probably going to spread okay, but if you do it, let me know I'll send me a video about it, because, because I would like to be a little bit more educated about this Rhino lining, I've actually considered trying to buy the kit And doing that you know to the general public, you know offering bad liners as I do automotive detailing. So I mean it would be interesting to see somebody do it and I'd like to really watch one of my subscribers videos doing it instead of just going and pulling up a random video on YouTube. So if you guys are doing it, please let me know, and let me know what the results are and you guys can feel more than free to comment or send any kind of video response to this as long as it's automotive related, okay, so hopefully Enfield police. This this helps you okay again, I'm sorry guys. I know if you're emailing me and - and I just can't return them - you know it's about this contact lock crap. I hate it, but it is what is: was gon na be tomorrow and shit alright. So you guys all I have a goodie goodie, I'm gon na go ahead and upload this one for you. Hopefully, you guys are watching the the one that I just put up of the the repair panel or the the steel panel with a rust and etch primer, and all all that you guys remember a few of you questioned that the video is uploaded now. It'S also on Facebook to guys, okay, so I'm not blowed this for you and I hope it helps you a little bit unfilled police or any of you guys that are wondering about this and if you guys have done it to your trucks or you're gon na Do it, please send me a video of it put it up as a response or email me hate this or check out the video on this. This is what I'm doing so alright, so you guys have a good one, and I will talk to you later see.


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