Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Thoughts On Spraying The Entire Vehicle With Bedliner


Happening guys, it's Tuesday guys are getting a double feature again today and feel police. You you emailed me via YouTube, wondering about um, ran, aligning your whole truck or using that bedliner stuff on your whole truck and guys I've been getting a lot of questions about this and I figured I would just make a video about it because there's some reason. This contact lock, BS, I'm freakin YouTube. I try to get back to you guys and responses and it says that they, you have to enable contact lock or unable, and I don't know so. I can't email half you guys back. So I apologize. But it's a good question about the bedliner in your whole truck I've. Seen guys do it, it's not a preference for me. Okay, unless I was building like a beater or something to run around in the woods or like a mud vehicle, or something like that. I wouldn't do it to say my pickup truck personally, okay, but each each is to own and everybody has their preference. This is my opinion on it that say, Ryan aligning. You know the spray, I'm not. The spray can stuff that you buy it like autozone or advance auto parts, I'm talking to real stuff, where you got to use a gun and put the stuff out and with a gun, it's durable. Okay. This is the thing, though, if you don't properly prep the car like say is: if you would to paint it, you could be trapping in moisture, rust, dirt, salt, whatever is a help and corrosion protection, my opinion, is, it probably would, but the thing is is if You go ahead and say you have a will, use an example, a ninety five s, time to pick up a little bit of. You know a little bit of rust here and there on it. No real holes, okay, we'll just say it's got. You know some scabs on it and just say you take a chisel and you chisel the scabs off it and you go ahead and spray the rhino lining on it. Okay, it's gon na look good okay, but this is the deal you're still going over. The top of there rust okay, so is what's gon na happen, is if there's any moisture inside of that rust, rust, press, okay, moisture oxygen, salt all causes rust to spread. So if you don't have the vehicle on a clean dry place in the vehicle isn't clean. I mean wiping the whole thing down say like taking 320 grit sandpaper and sanding the whole vehicle down. Okay, if you don't, if you don't prep it in my opinion that stuff's gon na peel off eventually, okay, it may not I've never personally used it. This is just me thinking as a painter. If you don't prep the surface, the pain is not going to stick to it. So is what I will do if you, if you really insist on and bedliner in your whole truck pull the thing in repair. The rust is, if you would, if you're gon na paint it go ahead and put a good primer on it and then go ahead and use the the bedliner okay, if you do not, if you're just going over like little pinholes things like that, that moisture still Gon na get in there - and it's gon na rot on the back side of that steel. Here now we're gon na see it. The bedliner is gon na hold together. Okay, it dries like a real, thick plastic okay, so it's gon na appear that there's nothing going on it's gon na look like the vehicle is, is holding up well, but if you get on the back side of that panel, where it wasn't treated, okay and the Rust has already started: it's probably going to spread okay, but if you do it, let me know I'll send me a video about it, because, because I would like to be a little bit more educated about this Rhino lining, I've actually considered trying to buy the kit And doing that you know to the general public, you know offering bad liners as I do automotive detailing. So I mean it would be interesting to see somebody do it and I'd like to really watch one of my subscribers videos doing it instead of just going and pulling up a random video on YouTube. So if you guys are doing it, please let me know, and let me know what the results are and you guys can feel more than free to comment or send any kind of video response to this as long as it's automotive related, okay, so hopefully Enfield police. This this helps you okay again, I'm sorry guys. I know if you're emailing me and - and I just can't return them - you know it's about this contact lock crap. I hate it, but it is what is: was gon na be tomorrow and shit alright. So you guys all I have a goodie goodie, I'm gon na go ahead and upload this one for you. Hopefully, you guys are watching the the one that I just put up of the the repair panel or the the steel panel with a rust and etch primer, and all all that you guys remember a few of you questioned that the video is uploaded now. It'S also on Facebook to guys, okay, so I'm not blowed this for you and I hope it helps you a little bit unfilled police or any of you guys that are wondering about this and if you guys have done it to your trucks or you're gon na Do it, please send me a video of it put it up as a response or email me hate this or check out the video on this. This is what I'm doing so alright, so you guys have a good one, and I will talk to you later see.

Using Bedliner As Undercoating


Hey this Donnie Smith and I had a question emailed to me about undercoating, see the question says, comes from Paul and says hello. I just found your YouTube channel, I'm wondering if someone might be able to point me in the right direction here. I just bought a new car from the south and live in the Northeast. The underside of the car is in perfect condition and I'm looking to make sure it stays that way in the presence of chloride they use on the roads in the winter. The car is a 2004 g35 sedan. There is a little bit of factory undercoating underneath, but the vast majority of the underside is either paint or primer. I have the engine and the transmission out this weekend, so I would like to be able to do it this weekend. Do you have any recommendations as to what I should use? I'Ve heard that people are 15 should only be used on rust and it doesn't stick well to smooth surfaces. I'Ve heard epoxy primer and nothing else should be used. I'Ve heard epoxy primer first and then bed liner on top I've heard so many stories and mixed and mixed up. I'Ve heard so many stories and mixed reports online that I really would appreciate an expert telling me what would be best for my situation. I would be glad C says thanks in advance and hope to hear from sink so Paul, probably you know if it's in good condition, I mean, as far as the surface being smooth nothing's really going to stick that good. I mean it's going to have to be cleaned real, well, degreased, real, well and sanded for anything to stick to now. If, if you sand it and there's no metal showing, you can put strip a bed liner straight on top of that, I think bed liner would work well sim, as CEOs got some bed liner. That works good and they recommend, if you do go through and there's some metal exposed that uh that you do, prime, that first then you'll have to come. I can skip that area up with 180. You know you want to use 180 on these areas or they also have a bed liner brush that works well. But if you brought this up, scuff it up with 180 and there's no metal showing you really don't need to to use the epoxy primer. So it just kind of depends. I mean if it's in that good of shape probably have that scuffed up without much metal showing and then you just come back and prime a few spots where you did burn through and then scuff that up use bed liner. But I think bed liner be the most durable out of what you mentioned. The por-15. You know that works well, but that's you know really good for up for rust, like like you mentioned. Probably the bed liner would be the best again. You know from the things that you mentioned: epoxy primer is good, but it does not hold up. It needs to be top coated because it will absorb moisture. You know any primer really is not that good of a topcoat so that I probably go with that. If that's the only product you use, if you do spray it all with epoxy with Simms SEM anyway, they recommend that you come back if you scuff that up before applying the bed liner, so a couple different options here. If you want to get a more specific question, ask me ask me: I'd be a glad to help you out a little more on that, but just uh. You know from what I see on here. I would scuff it up with 180. If you have any bare metal, you can hit that with epoxy and then come back and spray the bed liner on I'm familiar with the Sam. In fact, we've done a video just I don't have it all completed. Yet we did the inside of a Jeep kind of like what you're talking about worked. Well, there's other companies out there there's some. This was a sprayed on. I mean it looked real nice there's some other companies out there that make some roll on I've. Had students do that, I'm not as impressed with that kind of just doesn't look as as good to me, but I mean if you don't have facility or anything like that to spray it on that might be an option for you. I think. Is it a oh? I can't think of the name of it right now, but probably go to your auto parts. Store they'll have some some of them come in. A spray can now use some of that on a Mustang project. I was working on just for the inside of my quarters and all that, so you making you some spray can, you know, might can get some roll on where you roll it on, but yeah that doesn't probably work good. Anyone had sealed that off real good, where a lot of it that stuff don't get to your metal, but anyway. I hope this helps. We have more questions, you know be sure and ask you know, I'd, be glad to try to help you. I don't know what brands you're thinking about using like I said: I've used sim SCM I'll, put a link down the description for that and your parts store probably has like I said: spray can roll-on, so this kind of depends on what your needs are. You know what would be the best to use so anyway. I hope that kind of helps enter your questions. If you have a more specific question, be sure and ask and Alla I'll try to get back to you on that anyway, thanks for watching and take care and we'll see you in the next video

Spraying A 1965 F100 Bedliner


Well, I got the truck all prepped and ready for the bedliner, I'm just getting ready to mix this stuff up right now, basically set the this is the base party I'm doing medium gray. I already added a little bit of the reducer in the camp to try and thin it up, so it wasn't so hard to get it out of the can into the bucket. So as this kind of mixing some of this up once you take this, you add all the components if you're doing a gallon and a half, I got another gallon and a half here, but basically you take all of this. All of the reducer. All of the activator and the bag of black rubber, if you want rubbers optional, you can use a little bit the whole bag or none at all. Well, basically, that's all it is to this I'll show you as soon as I get this stuff all mixed up and then I'm gon na use my have a hopper gun which I'm going to use. I also have the undercoat gun over there. I'M not sure. I'M going to try and use the hopper gun to get up underneath the the bed rails and everything. Hopefully I can do that if, if it becomes a problem, I'll grab the undercoat gun and shoot up underneath the rails and stuff so anyways. Let me get this stuff mixed up, take the covers off and we'll go from there all right. I got the stuff mixed in with the reducer. Now I'm adding the activator Part B, it's basically clear liquid dump all the contents of that in there I'm gon na use the black rubber this stuff hold on. If you're using this stuff, you can actually get different grades. They make. This is the normal. This is like the fine. They also have a medium, of course, and a real heavy, so you can request how textured you want this stuff stiff and do this one-handed without dropping the bag in the bucket. This will also darken the bedliner a little bit too. So basically, this is all it is: keep mixing this stuff till it's all mixed up, good and thick paste. So let me shut this off, so you're not getting busy. Alright, here's our finished product! Basically, you just want to keep mixing this stuff. Until you don't see any more little explosions of black powder, just stirring this stuff, you'll see little poof's of black powder of that powder. We dumped in where it'll come on, where it will you'll see something like this and then all of a sudden you'll hit it and it'll just explode black powder. What you want to do is this: make sure you have everything mixed up good so that when you go to spray, you don't have clumps of black powder in your bed liner, so anyways, I'm gon na, go and cover this thing and get it set up and Start spraying I'll show you what it looks like after alright guys, here's the finished deal as taped off the edge there, where the bumpers and stuff go. I wrapped it down around the edge because I know that'll get beat to hell, but that's it. I want to be using the undercoat gun underneath the the rails to get up under there, and then I use the hopper gun for the rest of it. Just so, I didn't have to fill the damn canister every minute and a half, but that's pretty much it. I didn't sit here and fix all the dings and dents in the bed on the wheel, wells and stuff, so it covered up a lot of it actually covered up damn near most of it. I don't really see might be a couple little minor dings that you can see, but for the most part covered most of that up I still got. This was only a gallon and a half, so I still got basically it cost me 75 bucks to do this. Bed, I still got another whole gallon and a half so I'll be able to if I need to put a touch up code or something if I don't think it's enough, I'm gon na let this dry and basically just like when you're doing opera gun you just Let this stuff dry in the hopper and the next day it just peels right out. The only thing I'd do is clean the gun just run some lacquer, thinner and stuff and clean up the actual inside of the gun. Hopper just let dry. I was gon na put in the floor of the bed. I was gon na initially put my logo in the bottom, and then I talked myself out of it just because I don't know what I'm gon na do with this truck. If all I end up, you know using it or Solomon or what I guess it just depends how much I like driving it. But if I, if you ever want to do the put design in the bottom, go to your local sign shop, they have a roll magnet, it's basically 24 inches wide and comes on a long roll or you can probably buy it on eBay. But you can just take a razor knife and cut whatever design or logo. You want out of the thin magnet it's a 30 mil thick. You can lay that down and when you spray your bedliner over it it'll basically give you an embellished logo in the metal or whatever. So it's what a lot of the different bedliner companies and stuff. That'S what they're doing you know if somebody wants custom logo, they just stick the magnet down because it sticks real flat to the metal and then, when you go ahead and spray the liner over it it. It raises it up not a whole lot, but just enough where you can see it so anyways. But that's why I didn't do a video on that, because I just changed my mind last minute, so anyways, I'm gon na go ahead and clean things up and head to the gun show go check that out today. Today is a final day of it. So go see if I can find any goodies up there. So anyways will will talk to you guys later see.

Crappy Raptor Tint Bedliner


[, Music ] at a YouTube and welcome to this episode of the gunman. So this video here is a review and demonstration on the Raptor tentacle bedliner. It'S actually a pretty cool product and if you hang around for the rest of this video we'll have a good look at how it works and the kind of finishes that you can get with it. So I actually made this video quite some time ago, but I've never got around doing the editing, I'm just finally getting around to doing it. Now, there's a few things worth keeping in mind now the prep work can be relatively rough, so you can actually finish your prep work off with even 80 grit, if you like, because the material is so thick, it's going to do a lot of filling work. So this instance here I decided to use a mid to light gray non sanding primer. It'S gon na do a couple of things: it's gon na seal down all the bare metal and it's also gon na act as a bit of a ground color. So, like a bit of a ground coat color, if I was to go straight over the top of that bare metal, it would probably stick. It would probably would actually get adhesion if I was to go straight over it with the tangible wrapper, but it probably wouldn't get covered, because you're only putting 10 % color in with the tangible rough dice. So have a look at me when I'm mixing up this color now wrap the liner. This one here actually came with a gun which I thought was pretty handy and pretty cool good friend you can come to the no fool put them from like an hour sitting on enough to go. This is a 2-pack product, so you're, obviously gon na have to make sure you clean this gummy up. It'S said to put no more than 10 % coloring. So 3. 2 1. It'S a mixture of the Raptor liner with the hardener and I'm guessing 10 %. On top, so I'm going to put a hundred mils of color in I've actually got one here that I already did. I'Ve already put the color in that I'm gon na bring friend. I think that should be enough. People do need to come out and grab another one. I will, though, so what I'm gon na do here is make sure to actually left enough room in there for you to put your hundred mils of color and your 250 mils garden. This is, I don't know if it did. Cuz depends on the can to shake and shoot, but if you fill it with that, and an extra 10 % Keller took the earthen filling soon find out, though yeah I think that's going to overflow, just yeah that'll be good enough with a nice and full, but It'Ll work, so I'd actually also said that you can send it down Feliz 30 percent up to 30 percent value. But if you do decide you wanted to thin it down a bit. Just read the instruction when all else fails read the instructions, a really good shake up to make sure that hardener and colors all the way through there. That'S the one had early for my color in well. I did, though, was simply color unseen. Shirring. Stick make sure it goes dead up there. So that's a laid-off, so 10 % of elite is 100 mils, obviously isn't a personal rocket science hundred mils there, the out 10 %, and then we just fill it just about some thought with this thank and stupid. So these are my first time actually using the tentacle stuff, and I really don't know how well it's going to cover, because there's only like callable is that only at 10 % of it is actual is color. I'M not sure how there's sort of creamy white that it already is actually covers. So you can see the color difference from that to that it isn't 100 %. So this little like milky color to it. But it's pretty fun. You can say what it's like: regionally yeah, that's not getting awesome coverage, I'm really glad. What are we to do the phone, I'm just gon na jump up in there. So as far as the application goes, it really is pretty straightforward. As you see this point and should plug the gun in point and shoot, I didn't actually adjust any air pressures or anything. Now the spray booth from memory was set at about 60 psi. We'Ve got a regulator on the wall of the spray. This on the outside of the spray booth and we've got that step through yeah 60 psi and then whatever that ends up as at the gun is just what I use. So I didn't, actually, you know, use the cheetah felt to choke it down at all, and I would imagine most cases you just be using whatever you've got at your Airlines and that should be fine as far as pressure goes, and there is no other settings on This gun here, so it's just get point and shoot pretty straightforward. So I was going to do a bit of editing down on this video, but I thought you know what, if you don't want to watch the rest of the application for this when you don't have to you, can skip up to the 18 minute and 27 seconds. Mark and I'll go through yeah. Closing thoughts on the product is good. Look at how the job came out and then also a bit of a look at how this entire respray came out. So I think some may have already seen that was a good upload. Some war footage of myself clearing this job here on my roar channel, but those who haven't might want to have a look at how this job came up so yeah. I hope you guys do hang around and watch me spraying this. Otherwise, as I said, keep up to the 18 minutes. Twenty seven second mark andol says there: [ Music, ], [ Music, ], [, Music, ], [, Music, ], [, Music, ], [, Music, ], [, Music, ], [, Music, ], [, Music, ], [, Music, ], [, Music, ], [, Music, ], [, Music, ], [, Music, ] [ Music ] [, Music, ], [, Music, ], [, Music, ], [, Music, ], [, Music, ], [ Applause, ], [, Music, ], [ Applause, ], [, Music, ], [, Music, ], [, Music, ], [, Music, ], [, Music, ], [, Music, ], [, Music, ], [, Music ] [, Music, ], [, Music ] - that was ideal, just ray-bans is all I needed, and I'm really glad I put that brought again because it didn't really come up very well. You might have noticed that the start, but I did that you can say that it was like pretty wet and it still didn't quite cover so yeah. He brought through something like this. I would recommend putting some kind of a primer down ready if it's like a red that really isn't going to cover one petal, maybe actually just to try to read the ombre and then put your art in to wrap the lives yeah. I'M pretty happy that watch there is a few little edges hit like you can see where I stopped here and then ditched it. A little bit and she's gon na touch dry, bitch wan na I've done yeah this. Is it not to be outdone? A couple of other videos on this grab the liner. It'S amazing stuff, guys yeah check that video. I feel I know you enjoyed this one and until next time get out there and fight this jumping out. I'Ve putted one foot of silicon in in this hold up that in, but I'm gon na give this like a good. I want to give it half day off. Sometimes when you hit make on this booth is like stuff plants from Cameroon, so I'm gon na. Let that bus ride off before I hit face not in any hurry on something like this started, a hurry to do it again: either life sandblasting a little bit of a nice flip. There yeah there's a few chips here in there, but, as I said I Spit fists, part of, but based on these towel ready just give it is. It'Ll could have easily spent another another five and it still wouldn't be fair. That'S the thing: it is just race right, a race pray, though I'm quite proud of. Actually I'm really happy with that and hey. Why wouldn't you be? What does they know? Somebody happy to grab that really like I'll put it out of here imperfections in a but at the end of the science, just a race bright. I love it. Beautiful, walk around radio YouTube, so this is a good look at the entire job once it's fully finished. So that's got the bed line and down full respray on this old hate cue, I was pretty happy. I was actually really wrapped with how this came out. It'S not perfect, like you can see a few sort of dry spray marks, but honestly man, it looks really good. It'S something that I would do if I had an old ute with a bit of a banged up old tray, and probably I would even do it if I had a brand new you to protect it, because this stuff is absolutely amazing. As far as protection goes, I do actually highly recommend going and checking out another video that I've done. I put this stuff right through its paces and yeah, probably a bit more of an in-depth review on wrapped on liner itself. I think I'll put a link in this video until next time get out there and plant some thanks for watching. This has been another government production, goodbye, [, Music, ]

The Correct Way To Spray A Bedliner


Hey guys, this is Matt with the YouTube channel bleep in Jeep. Today I want to show you how to install a truck bedliner. If you haven't been with us before, make sure to hit the subscribe button. We have new videos every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. We have the best off-road, related how-to videos on the interweb alright. So the first thing that we're going to do is clean up the truck bed, in my case we're working on my own, I'm Tundra, and it has this factory rubber or plastic piece in there. We'Ve got to take all that out and then we're going to clean it up. So the products we're using today are from some products. I'Ll show you those in a second, but they make truck bed liners and all kinds of other stuff. So the first step is just to get everything out of there, get it really clean and then we're going to pressure wash it out. So in my case, I found some rust spots. The bad thing about those liners are that water gets trapped under there and starts accumulating rust. So I decided to go ahead and take care of that now. You can't have any rust when you do the bedliner, so I started grinding the rust off and it turned out to be a lot worse than I thought, and I ended up with two holes in the floor. I guess I think what happened was the rust was coming from underneath there's actually a piece of metal welded or something underneath, as you can see right there, that's part of the frame and it rusted, I believe from underneath. So after I ground that out, I had to power wash it again, because now the whole thing was full of dust. Once again, I decided I was going to fix those holes, though so I made this quick template out of a piece of paper. That'S old old-school method there and then I just cut out a little piece of 18 gauge steel that fit that hole exactly and then I'm welding it in spot welding it in here the welds didn't go very good, because I guess there was still a little bit Metal a little bit of metal or a little bit of rust, but I did the best. I could. I think, if I did it over again, I'd probably cut out a square section. So here's the products we're using these are all from sim and they make all these products here and I'll show you them one by one and I'm also going to leave links in the description box below so the first one. Is this sim solve it's just a cleaner and according to the directions you want to just use this first to go ahead and clean up all the stuff, the junk, the oils that are in your rust bed and your truck bed? So it also comes with its own spray gun for the truck bedliner, and this I got on Amazon. It'S a bed brush and it goes on your big angle. Grinder, I don't have to have one of, but it just is going to make it a lot easier on you. You can use sand paper and sand it either by hand or with the DA, but this is going to make it a lot quicker. A lot faster because you need to rough up the surface before you put the bed liner in so even with this bed brush, it was still pretty difficult and time-consuming, but I cannot imagine what it would take to do it with just a piece of sandpaper. So this helped out quite a bit made the job a lot faster and at that point the breaker trip and the lights went off. I got that actually for 12 bucks, like the day before the sand. Are there alright? So I'm just going to spray it out and get all of that sanding debris out of the truck bed and then I'm going to use that sim salt and wipe it down one more time, just to make sure everything is nice and clean in there next thing. I'M going to do is tape it off and you're going to have to tape off the whole truck. So keep that in mind, and you want to be able to remove the tape as soon as you lay the last coat. So keep that in mind as well, and you want to get some pieces of plastic and tape off the whole truck, including the hood everything all right. This is the rust trap from sim and the flattener, and the flattener just makes it not glossy. So I'm using this to get any of the spots that have bare metal on them after I sand it so those spots where I had to sand down the rust to bare metal, we need to cover up that up with paint before we put down the truck Bedliner because you don't want to put the truck bedliner on directly on bare metal, so you don't need to use the same products, but I figured this rust trap would be a lot better than just using regular primer and I'm going to spray it with the spray Gun so I'm just testing out the spray and looks good now. If I were to do this over over again I'd - probably tape off the parts that I wanted to spray, because I ended up over spraying quite a bit of the whole truck bed. And then I have to come back and sand that down before I can do the truck bedliner. So I'm just hitting all the little spots where I see bare metal and especially those spots where I welded the hole up in the center there and I'm going to do that twice. So I'm going to I'm going to do a real light coat at first and then do another coat. You always want to do light coats and then I'm going to come back over that after it dries with some 220 grit sandpaper. Somehow, in the editing process I showed that twice wax on wax off all right, so I'm going to sand all of that down where I repainted with that primer and then I'm also taping off the tailgate. So I do one thing of tape and then I put the plastic on and then I do another thing of tape on the plastic. So this is the tack cloth and the tack cloth just. Is it like a sticky cloth that picks up all of the dust and cleans everything up really nice? So this is the protex truck bed liner, so there's two parts: there's the the truck bed liner and then the catalyst it's you'll see here in a minute. It'S kind of like a clear gluey stuff and this one is black. They also make tin table version, so you can have it tinted in any color that you want. So it's two to one. So you want to have two parts of the truck bedliner and one part of the catalyst, and it comes the kit. You can buy this all in a kit and it comes with the mixing bucket and the spray gun and everything I take that back. It may not come with the spray gun. You may apply that separately, but you want to stir this up for two minutes and it comes with these bottles. So you can reuse these a couple times and then you have to start a new bottle. You'Ll see here in a minute, but in between coats. You have to wait about twenty minutes and it depends on the humidity and the temperature. I was sitting at about 65 degrees. If it's really hot out, then it's going to set up faster, so you can also buy an additive that gives you more working time if you have to work in a hot environment. So on this first coat, you want to do a real light coat. So you can still see the paint showing through you're just gon na just like when you do any sort of paint process. The first coat is always very light, and with this, as you can see, I masked off the entire truck and I'm glad I did because when I had to paint up under the bed rails, this stuff is really thick. It'S not like paint and it doesn't just dissipate in the air when you spray it up, it goes in an arc and it's going to land somewhere else. All right. Take two. This is coat number two. So what you want to do is you want to get the side of the beds on the first and second coat. You don't want to spray the bottom part. Yet so you do your post first coat on the bed rails, second coat on the bed rails and then the third coat on the bed rails and as you're doing the third coat as you're coming out. You'Ll do the floor for the first coat. I think the fumes were getting to me at this point, so here is the the tailgate, and I just have this laying on the floor. If I were to do it again, I would get it up higher because, as you'll see here in a minute things started to get messy. You can probably guess why here's what I mean so whenever I had to overspray it went on the floor and then I had to walk around in it for another two hours and my shoes are never going to be the same so on the third coat after. I did the bed rails again, as I was coming out. That'S when you do the first coat of the floor of the truck and then you'll have to do the second and third coats of the floor from the outside. Now the fumes are really getting to me. Make sure you do this in a well-ventilated area with a mask on like I like you see here, so I think this is the second coat on the floor and again we're just doing real light coats here. I think the PSI I was running was 80 psi. The directions say anywhere from 45 to 90 psi on your spray gun and the the PSI is going to determine the texture, I'm not sure it'd, probably be a thicker texture. I would imagine with a lower psi, but I really am NOT positive and there's the oh. My goodness there's the problems, so the floor became so sticky that I started pulling up the stuff with my feet and it kind of made a mess. That'S why I said I would get that tailgate up higher if I were to do it again so on the second and third coats on the floor, I'm doing that from a ladder over the sides and just making sure I hit all the angles. There'S a lot more angles than you would think inside of this truck bed, so you have to get it from the right from the left from above from the back from the front, and you have to mix this in batches. You can't do it all at once, because it only has a 20 minute working time, so you can't mix it all until you're ready to spray. So it's going to take you about two hours to do the truck bed, because you have to wait those 15 to 20 minutes between coats, so right here, I'm just checking to see if I missed any spots hitting those spots where I need a little bit more. This is my third coat right here and I'm just making sure that I got every bit of it: okay, yep my shoes and walk down. Now my shoes are pretty much bed lined. So after you get the third coat on after a couple minutes, you can go ahead and peel the tape off. You want to do that, while it's still wet like I said that way, the tape doesn't get stuck under the hardened bed liner and there you go. Here'S what it's going to look like this is a couple days after it's finished and as you can see, it turned out really really nice. Here'S a close-up shot of the tailgate. I took the hardware out and didn't spray that I just wanted to be able to get it out in the future. I did spray some of the hooks and the hardware on the inside, but I think overall it turned out really well one of the things I wasn't sure how thick it was going to be. It'S not really as thick as I would have thought in my head. It'S probably 1/16 of an inch thick since I thought it was going to be so thick. I thought it would take care of some of those imperfections like in the front of the truck bed there and then wear eye patch that hole right there. You can see you can still kind of see those and you can see those imperfections in the front of the truck bed. But that's going to be taken care of when I put the box back in the aluminum truck box. So, if you're interested in any of these products check in the description below, like I said, they're made by sim and they carry all kinds of stuff from rust, presentative preventative, two seam sealer and everything in between thanks guys. Thanks for watching hit the thumbs up and the subscribe button, we have videos every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. If you enjoyed this video, please leave a comment below and if you have any questions, leave those there as well. We'Ll see you next time.

How To Not Spray A Bedliner


[, Music ], have you ever needed a blue pen, [ Music ] by a blue pen? What is up guys welcome back to another video today? Well, you guys remember. Last time we were in the garage doing the door jams and everything and they're finished. So I'm going to show you that today kind of a little thing that kind of sucks about my door panels, but I mean it'll be fine. It'S not not super bad I'll show you that in a second, but he always leaves his toys outside buddy. Get your toy he's a smart dog anyway, so my dad's gon na take this to a car show tomorrow. So I couldn't cleaned it up, but I just want to show you guys how freakin difficult it is to get shit off this truck. So this all this mud right here is all like ingrained in the friggin bedliner. So I need to really get in there with like a sponge or like a toothbrush and get all that out, because I could not for the life of me get it out and the same thing over here I got streaks going down the side of it. So that's from letting dirty water just kind of dry on there and scrubbing the hell out of that. Couldn'T get it off, so I'm gon na have to use some kind of magic, eraser or some shit get that all off cuz. I don't know so. That'S kind of a downside to having a bedliner paint job. I just figured I'd show you guys that I mean that that's the kind of shit you have to deal with. Take out your truck clean. You can't just you can't just wipe it like yeah. It'S clean! No, you need to get in there and freaking do it. I can imagine if I did a rougher texture with the bedliner. This is not a smooth texture, but it's smooth compared to some of the other bedliner textures that I've seen people do and if I had one of the rougher textures that that shit would never come out. So I don't know if there's anywhere else cuz. I just wanted to wash the truck, so I think the other side, this side is pretty clean, just the other one is in the hood. I don't if you guys can even see that on camera, it looks fucking looks like is even like stained right here. Oh man, that's not very good. It'S like something landed on my truck and fucking stained, the hood. I want to work at that in a minute and see if I can get that out, but that does not make me very happy. Like freaking cherries fell out of a damn tree and just made it trail anyway. That sucks I got ta clean, my rims again cuz. It was very friggin caught water, spinning all out of them, but you can see, we've got the door jams done and yeah. This is why you don't store your shit outside its got like see the head, it's a whole like moldy, so I bought some stuff that I'm gon na have. This is what my arm was resting, so it kind of rubbed it away, but I think there's a mouse turd right there, so yeah. I should have really stored these in the house because they have all this random shit all over them, so like they're, they're filthy, but I mean it's not a big deal. I will be able to clean it like I, don't know what the fuck that is, but I don't know shit all over them. This is this ones, dare to get any other one but yeah. So we did the door jams and they came out pretty good sprayed them in the garage and everything. So they came out pretty freakin decent, honestly yeah. All this little bumps that you see here is bed liner underneath the paint, because when we sprayed the truck, we had the door shut and it sprayed in between there. So that's what these bumps are from. It'S not it's not like shitty paint balls. It'S literally paint over a red liner, so yeah, so they came out pretty good. It looks a whole lot better with the dirty door panel in it, and it just makes it look a whole lot more complete because whenever I go places before I'd open my door, real, quick and shut it, so people couldn't see that my door jams are not Done didn't have door panels in it and stuff like that, so yeah, one of you guys, was asking if I was just gon na spray right over the hinges, and you can see. I just sprayed right over the hinges right over everything sprayed over this freaking wire. For the light bar that I used to have but yeah we just covered up a couple. Things covered this up. However, this up I'm just sprayed right over it. It doesn't taking it all off and spraying it individually and putting it all back on is mmm. It'S not like a crazy amount of work, but it's more work than you need to do. You can just spray it and it'll look fine. So that's for those of you that were asking about that. That'S how it came out on you know. All this shit looks fine, so it literally looks like frickin stained, Oh God. Well I mean I guess I could always respray the hood if I had to, but I mean that's just such a pain in the ass cuz. I have to take all this off. So it's weird that it's only on the hood too, and it's not it's not anywhere else. I don't. I wonder if their roof at it nope see the roof. Is fine, just freakin hood I'll get to the bottom of that. But yes, the door panels are done. Let me know what you guys, think of that I still got to clean it and I'm gon na uh. I bought some tire shine. Oh I've, never tire shined, one of my trucks before. Actually, this is the only truck I've ever owned, but I've never done tire shine before and I kind of want to see how this shit works. So I'm gon na do some of this and I'll get back to you. So I just realized that all this shit is, I don't know what this stuff is still, but I just realized all this black stuff, this sandblast sand - oh god, there's sand, glass and all freakin. You know all the pits of it. I'M after you use like a freakin toothpick god, damn look, who decided to come home swimming down there in the swamp water. I heard some rustling over here and I said what the fuck is that there's just the docks. We also appear to have ants building a colony on my tread huh, how they killed a Beatle, so I'm just letting the tire shine dry now, but I mean it: does it's not completely dry yet, but holy shit did that's it shined it quite a bit. It'S not completely dry yet though, but another note you guys remember when I get my white letters on the tire I did this letter in white well now they're completely brown, because they kind of turned mud, color, I'm thinking next time. I go to do that. I'M probably gon na do it up pain at all and then tire shine it to kind of like protect the white instead. So I mean at least now, with the brown we'll have a like: it's pretty much like a base coat and then we'll do another white coat and then spray the tire shine over it and hopefully try to protect it a little bit. If not, I mean Brown letters are cool too, but it would just be sweet if they they stayed white because they looked cool when they were white. But these little flies love this tire shine stuff. I don't know if you can even see them, but there's like a whole bunch of them all over these tires. So weird Sweden abused to dry but yeah, so I figured out that it's freakin sandblast that got in there. I don't obviously they're all right. So we had to sandblast a spot right here. You can see it all right. We didn't use filler or nothin, I'm pretty sure you can see it. It looks fine because you painted over it, but it was rusting right there. So we just kind of sandblasted it real click cleaned it up and I guess some of it kind of blew out and with the wind and landed on my so this is kind of like a it's not super hard like it's. It'S a hard bed liner, but at the same time it's you know it's not bulletproof! So this stuff, I guess, was sitting on there in the Sun and is in graining itself into my paint so fYI to you out there that are gon na sandblast near your truck, see I don't even know what this stuff is still um. I honestly don't think it's gon na come off either cuz. It looks like it frickin stained into it. I don't know what it could have been, but yeah for those of you that are gon na bed line your truck or something to keep in mind. Don'T sandblast near your truck man, it's kind of a bummer. I mean it's not the end of the world, but just kind of sucks it. The paint hasn't moved on here for a year and I already ruined the hood. But I guess it is what it is at this point I could probably go back and got some of the bedliner on a brush and dab over at all and nobody would really notice, but I mean they need to get more of his orange bedliner so yeah. Let'S see if I can get it out, I don't think I'll be able to, but I might have to go through with the brush and just dab on those spots and at least it's in the middle and the trucks really high up. So, like not a lot of people are gon na, be looking over my hood, but even for my level right here you can see so I guess at least if it's in the middle, like this will kind of suck. But if it's in the middle nobody's really gon na be looking at it hard enough to notice that there's spots that aren't uh, you know the same exact texture. So it's really not the end of the world, but it just kind of sucks a little bit man. I thought my door panels are gon na, be a bitch. I thought my door panels were gon na, be a bitch to clean nope. Little did. I know well on a good note. These armor all leather wipes, which we know I don't actually have real leather, but it's fake leather. It'S made to look like leather, but um makes real easy work out of all this freakin sludge, so I mean at least we got one pause that today my interior can look nice. You know I shit on our roll. I do I kind of call them the you know, people that don't know how to do detailing its detailer. I guess is pretty much what I call it did you see all you guys on Facebook that I, like I'm a professional detailer and they just go at your car with these, but it doesn't do a bad job. I mean I should have done her before and after but like it did not do a bad job at all, so this was freaking dusty as hell, and now it's all nice and shiny. I kind of like this stuff. To be honest with you, I mean I didn't really get, you know all in the cracks and everything, but just a real, quick wipe-down it did. It did a very nice job. So, but still you know it's not for professional detailing, and everybody knows that on this channel we're professionals at everything so uh, oh [, Music, ], good, I didn't break it. I need that shit. Have you ever needed a blue pen? Alright? So I guess I sprayed a lot of shit on here because they said it should be dry in like 15 minutes and it's been well over 15 minutes. So either it's false advertising or I just sprayed a friggin ridiculous amount. But um I mean it's dry enough. I think it'll probably stay close to this color black when it gets completely dry, but I'm not gon na sit here and watch it dry. It'S dripping on here stripping from up there tripping to down here, but also, I know I shouldn't have gone run on the rims. Hmm, like I said professional yeah, so we'll just have to see another time, because I'm not just gon na sit here all day and walk the shit dry. I sprayed some on the Civic too, but this isn't even dry yet either you know this car, I Drive it all day. You know just daily driving it. I never gets any love, though it's got a couple stickers like this fuck Isis one you can get those stateside, vapor calm, it's got. A freakin bulb tires sort of guys. It'S already down to the wear bars. I'M gon na have to get tires before inspection this month. For this thing, I'm gon na have to all this thing needs all. Do this thing needs four brakes too, so it needs bracing EADS tires to pass inspection. This thing needs everything to pass inspection to be completely honest and he means a lowering kit but yeah. So this month I'm gon na be hurting on play around money for the truck, because I need to spend shit on the Civic. So usually I Drive it every day. I probably heard this thing 15 hours a week which is you know, think about it 15 hours a week. That'S unless you drive for a living, that's a lot of driving. So I just pretty much just change the oil in it and just freakin run it, but I need some. You need some help this time around, so yeah, that's pretty much gon na. Do it for this video today yeah is, if you have any suggestions on how the hell to get sandblast, I would have bedliner that's like been dug in there get. Let me know in the comments please either that or I'm just gon na have to paint over it just dab over it a little bit, but all right yeah. This couldn't do it for today's video, if you did enjoy make sure to leave a like streaks in my freaking paint. I just got ta do this. I still got ta hook this back up who's supposed to be a support piece. It goes from here to here and I never hooked it back up. So you need to do that cuz, this wobbles, all over the place, the backs sturdy, but the front wall goes all over the place so anyway, guys. Thank you all for watching.

What Is A Bedliner?


A bed liner is a useful truck accessory that can make work manageable while also prolonging the lifespan of a vehicle. However, there are many different options to consider when you're looking at different liner prototypes. You must make the right decisions to end up with a liner that will increase your fecundity sooner than hold you back when you're working with your truck. The following are six critical factors you need to consider when you're in the business for a bed liner.

1. Material Options

Bedliners are made from a variety of diverse materials. The best content for your situation depends on the type of work you're doing with your truck and the reasons why you want a bedliner.

Some truck owners want to have a liner put down for corrosion prevention alone. If you wish to avoid corrosion, you can use a spray-on coating that will seal out the moisture and salty elements that cause corrosion to develop.

If you're pto do heavy-duty task with your truck and pull heavy or hazardous materials, you'll probably want a sturdier liner material constructed of wood or rubber.

Other materials used for liners include plastic and carpet. You should explore the different material circumstances to find the one that best meets your needs.

2. Liner Type

Bed liners feature various configurations that determine how easy they are to install and remove.

Some types of bedliners are permanently administered to the truck bed and cannot be removed. These permanent options incorporate spray liners and brush-on liners.

If you want to be able to eliminate your liner and have the original surface of your truck back, you'll need to choose a truck bed mat, rug, or drop-in liner. Mats typically cover only the bed and the tailgate. Drop-in liners are designed to fit both the sides and the floor of the truck bed.

3. The texture of the Surface

You may consider the importance of the outside texture of your bed liner. However, the right liner texture can perform the work you do with your truck much more comfortable.

A slick texture that you might get from particular mats or plastic liners will be ideal if you have to load bulky items into your truck bed yourself and need to slide them in place. On the other hand, a more unyielding texture that offers some friction is useful if you want your liner to help objects stay in place while you're transporting them.

4. Installation Process

You will find some DIY truck bedliner installation kits out on the market. However, some of these are not as sturdy as liners that are professionally installed and require a lot of work on your part.

Make sure you can handle any of the required installation work before you purchase a DIY liner. If you’d rather not deal with the installation, find a professional service that can do it for you.

5. The state of Truck Bed

A quintessential function of truck bed liners is offering protection to the existing truck bed. If your truck bed shows signs of corrosion or structural weakness, you'll want to factor these issues into your truck bed liner choice.

If your truck bed shows signs of corrosion, consider a sturdy synthetic liner. This type can offer both structural support and corrosion protection at the same time. Make sure you factor the form of your truck bed into your liner selection to avoid making a problem worse.

6. Maintenance Needs

Truck bedliners will need to be maintained. Spray and brush-on liners may eventually require to be reapplied, and drop-in or mat liners may need to be taken out and cleaned.

Consider how quickly the liner you choose will get worn out with the type of work you're doing. Also, consider how much work you're going to have to put into maintenance, and make sure that you can conveniently transport out maintenance needs on the liner you choose.

ArmorThane carries a wide variety of bed liners that can accommodate any truck make and model. Contact ArmorThane Truck Accessories to learn more about the bed liner options that are available to you.