Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Spraying A 1965 F100 Bedliner

Well, I got the truck all prepped and ready for the bedliner, I'm just getting ready to mix this stuff up right now, basically set the this is the base party I'm doing medium gray. I already added a little bit of the reducer in the camp to try and thin it up, so it wasn't so hard to get it out of the can into the bucket. So as this kind of mixing some of this up once you take this, you add all the components if you're doing a gallon and a half, I got another gallon and a half here, but basically you take all of this. All of the reducer. All of the activator and the bag of black rubber, if you want rubbers optional, you can use a little bit the whole bag or none at all. Well, basically, that's all it is to this I'll show you as soon as I get this stuff all mixed up and then I'm gon na use my have a hopper gun which I'm going to use. I also have the undercoat gun over there. I'M not sure. I'M going to try and use the hopper gun to get up underneath the the bed rails and everything. Hopefully I can do that if, if it becomes a problem, I'll grab the undercoat gun and shoot up underneath the rails and stuff so anyways. Let me get this stuff mixed up, take the covers off and we'll go from there all right. I got the stuff mixed in with the reducer. Now I'm adding the activator Part B, it's basically clear liquid dump all the contents of that in there I'm gon na use the black rubber this stuff hold on. If you're using this stuff, you can actually get different grades. They make. This is the normal. This is like the fine. They also have a medium, of course, and a real heavy, so you can request how textured you want this stuff stiff and do this one-handed without dropping the bag in the bucket. This will also darken the bedliner a little bit too. So basically, this is all it is: keep mixing this stuff till it's all mixed up, good and thick paste. So let me shut this off, so you're not getting busy. Alright, here's our finished product! Basically, you just want to keep mixing this stuff. Until you don't see any more little explosions of black powder, just stirring this stuff, you'll see little poof's of black powder of that powder. We dumped in where it'll come on, where it will you'll see something like this and then all of a sudden you'll hit it and it'll just explode black powder. What you want to do is this: make sure you have everything mixed up good so that when you go to spray, you don't have clumps of black powder in your bed liner, so anyways, I'm gon na, go and cover this thing and get it set up and Start spraying I'll show you what it looks like after alright guys, here's the finished deal as taped off the edge there, where the bumpers and stuff go. I wrapped it down around the edge because I know that'll get beat to hell, but that's it. I want to be using the undercoat gun underneath the the rails to get up under there, and then I use the hopper gun for the rest of it. Just so, I didn't have to fill the damn canister every minute and a half, but that's pretty much it. I didn't sit here and fix all the dings and dents in the bed on the wheel, wells and stuff, so it covered up a lot of it actually covered up damn near most of it. I don't really see might be a couple little minor dings that you can see, but for the most part covered most of that up I still got. This was only a gallon and a half, so I still got basically it cost me 75 bucks to do this. Bed, I still got another whole gallon and a half so I'll be able to if I need to put a touch up code or something if I don't think it's enough, I'm gon na let this dry and basically just like when you're doing opera gun you just Let this stuff dry in the hopper and the next day it just peels right out. The only thing I'd do is clean the gun just run some lacquer, thinner and stuff and clean up the actual inside of the gun. Hopper just let dry. I was gon na put in the floor of the bed. I was gon na initially put my logo in the bottom, and then I talked myself out of it just because I don't know what I'm gon na do with this truck. If all I end up, you know using it or Solomon or what I guess it just depends how much I like driving it. But if I, if you ever want to do the put design in the bottom, go to your local sign shop, they have a roll magnet, it's basically 24 inches wide and comes on a long roll or you can probably buy it on eBay. But you can just take a razor knife and cut whatever design or logo. You want out of the thin magnet it's a 30 mil thick. You can lay that down and when you spray your bedliner over it it'll basically give you an embellished logo in the metal or whatever. So it's what a lot of the different bedliner companies and stuff. That'S what they're doing you know if somebody wants custom logo, they just stick the magnet down because it sticks real flat to the metal and then, when you go ahead and spray the liner over it it. It raises it up not a whole lot, but just enough where you can see it so anyways. But that's why I didn't do a video on that, because I just changed my mind last minute, so anyways, I'm gon na go ahead and clean things up and head to the gun show go check that out today. Today is a final day of it. So go see if I can find any goodies up there. So anyways will will talk to you guys later see.


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