Wednesday, June 5, 2019

How To Not Spray A Bedliner

[, Music ], have you ever needed a blue pen, [ Music ] by a blue pen? What is up guys welcome back to another video today? Well, you guys remember. Last time we were in the garage doing the door jams and everything and they're finished. So I'm going to show you that today kind of a little thing that kind of sucks about my door panels, but I mean it'll be fine. It'S not not super bad I'll show you that in a second, but he always leaves his toys outside buddy. Get your toy he's a smart dog anyway, so my dad's gon na take this to a car show tomorrow. So I couldn't cleaned it up, but I just want to show you guys how freakin difficult it is to get shit off this truck. So this all this mud right here is all like ingrained in the friggin bedliner. So I need to really get in there with like a sponge or like a toothbrush and get all that out, because I could not for the life of me get it out and the same thing over here I got streaks going down the side of it. So that's from letting dirty water just kind of dry on there and scrubbing the hell out of that. Couldn'T get it off, so I'm gon na have to use some kind of magic, eraser or some shit get that all off cuz. I don't know so. That'S kind of a downside to having a bedliner paint job. I just figured I'd show you guys that I mean that that's the kind of shit you have to deal with. Take out your truck clean. You can't just you can't just wipe it like yeah. It'S clean! No, you need to get in there and freaking do it. I can imagine if I did a rougher texture with the bedliner. This is not a smooth texture, but it's smooth compared to some of the other bedliner textures that I've seen people do and if I had one of the rougher textures that that shit would never come out. So I don't know if there's anywhere else cuz. I just wanted to wash the truck, so I think the other side, this side is pretty clean, just the other one is in the hood. I don't if you guys can even see that on camera, it looks fucking looks like is even like stained right here. Oh man, that's not very good. It'S like something landed on my truck and fucking stained, the hood. I want to work at that in a minute and see if I can get that out, but that does not make me very happy. Like freaking cherries fell out of a damn tree and just made it trail anyway. That sucks I got ta clean, my rims again cuz. It was very friggin caught water, spinning all out of them, but you can see, we've got the door jams done and yeah. This is why you don't store your shit outside its got like see the head, it's a whole like moldy, so I bought some stuff that I'm gon na have. This is what my arm was resting, so it kind of rubbed it away, but I think there's a mouse turd right there, so yeah. I should have really stored these in the house because they have all this random shit all over them, so like they're, they're filthy, but I mean it's not a big deal. I will be able to clean it like I, don't know what the fuck that is, but I don't know shit all over them. This is this ones, dare to get any other one but yeah. So we did the door jams and they came out pretty good sprayed them in the garage and everything. So they came out pretty freakin decent, honestly yeah. All this little bumps that you see here is bed liner underneath the paint, because when we sprayed the truck, we had the door shut and it sprayed in between there. So that's what these bumps are from. It'S not it's not like shitty paint balls. It'S literally paint over a red liner, so yeah, so they came out pretty good. It looks a whole lot better with the dirty door panel in it, and it just makes it look a whole lot more complete because whenever I go places before I'd open my door, real, quick and shut it, so people couldn't see that my door jams are not Done didn't have door panels in it and stuff like that, so yeah, one of you guys, was asking if I was just gon na spray right over the hinges, and you can see. I just sprayed right over the hinges right over everything sprayed over this freaking wire. For the light bar that I used to have but yeah we just covered up a couple. Things covered this up. However, this up I'm just sprayed right over it. It doesn't taking it all off and spraying it individually and putting it all back on is mmm. It'S not like a crazy amount of work, but it's more work than you need to do. You can just spray it and it'll look fine. So that's for those of you that were asking about that. That'S how it came out on you know. All this shit looks fine, so it literally looks like frickin stained, Oh God. Well I mean I guess I could always respray the hood if I had to, but I mean that's just such a pain in the ass cuz. I have to take all this off. So it's weird that it's only on the hood too, and it's not it's not anywhere else. I don't. I wonder if their roof at it nope see the roof. Is fine, just freakin hood I'll get to the bottom of that. But yes, the door panels are done. Let me know what you guys, think of that I still got to clean it and I'm gon na uh. I bought some tire shine. Oh I've, never tire shined, one of my trucks before. Actually, this is the only truck I've ever owned, but I've never done tire shine before and I kind of want to see how this shit works. So I'm gon na do some of this and I'll get back to you. So I just realized that all this shit is, I don't know what this stuff is still, but I just realized all this black stuff, this sandblast sand - oh god, there's sand, glass and all freakin. You know all the pits of it. I'M after you use like a freakin toothpick god, damn look, who decided to come home swimming down there in the swamp water. I heard some rustling over here and I said what the fuck is that there's just the docks. We also appear to have ants building a colony on my tread huh, how they killed a Beatle, so I'm just letting the tire shine dry now, but I mean it: does it's not completely dry yet, but holy shit did that's it shined it quite a bit. It'S not completely dry yet though, but another note you guys remember when I get my white letters on the tire I did this letter in white well now they're completely brown, because they kind of turned mud, color, I'm thinking next time. I go to do that. I'M probably gon na do it up pain at all and then tire shine it to kind of like protect the white instead. So I mean at least now, with the brown we'll have a like: it's pretty much like a base coat and then we'll do another white coat and then spray the tire shine over it and hopefully try to protect it a little bit. If not, I mean Brown letters are cool too, but it would just be sweet if they they stayed white because they looked cool when they were white. But these little flies love this tire shine stuff. I don't know if you can even see them, but there's like a whole bunch of them all over these tires. So weird Sweden abused to dry but yeah, so I figured out that it's freakin sandblast that got in there. I don't obviously they're all right. So we had to sandblast a spot right here. You can see it all right. We didn't use filler or nothin, I'm pretty sure you can see it. It looks fine because you painted over it, but it was rusting right there. So we just kind of sandblasted it real click cleaned it up and I guess some of it kind of blew out and with the wind and landed on my so this is kind of like a it's not super hard like it's. It'S a hard bed liner, but at the same time it's you know it's not bulletproof! So this stuff, I guess, was sitting on there in the Sun and is in graining itself into my paint so fYI to you out there that are gon na sandblast near your truck, see I don't even know what this stuff is still um. I honestly don't think it's gon na come off either cuz. It looks like it frickin stained into it. I don't know what it could have been, but yeah for those of you that are gon na bed line your truck or something to keep in mind. Don'T sandblast near your truck man, it's kind of a bummer. I mean it's not the end of the world, but just kind of sucks it. The paint hasn't moved on here for a year and I already ruined the hood. But I guess it is what it is at this point I could probably go back and got some of the bedliner on a brush and dab over at all and nobody would really notice, but I mean they need to get more of his orange bedliner so yeah. Let'S see if I can get it out, I don't think I'll be able to, but I might have to go through with the brush and just dab on those spots and at least it's in the middle and the trucks really high up. So, like not a lot of people are gon na, be looking over my hood, but even for my level right here you can see so I guess at least if it's in the middle, like this will kind of suck. But if it's in the middle nobody's really gon na be looking at it hard enough to notice that there's spots that aren't uh, you know the same exact texture. So it's really not the end of the world, but it just kind of sucks a little bit man. I thought my door panels are gon na, be a bitch. I thought my door panels were gon na, be a bitch to clean nope. Little did. I know well on a good note. These armor all leather wipes, which we know I don't actually have real leather, but it's fake leather. It'S made to look like leather, but um makes real easy work out of all this freakin sludge, so I mean at least we got one pause that today my interior can look nice. You know I shit on our roll. I do I kind of call them the you know, people that don't know how to do detailing its detailer. I guess is pretty much what I call it did you see all you guys on Facebook that I, like I'm a professional detailer and they just go at your car with these, but it doesn't do a bad job. I mean I should have done her before and after but like it did not do a bad job at all, so this was freaking dusty as hell, and now it's all nice and shiny. I kind of like this stuff. To be honest with you, I mean I didn't really get, you know all in the cracks and everything, but just a real, quick wipe-down it did. It did a very nice job. So, but still you know it's not for professional detailing, and everybody knows that on this channel we're professionals at everything so uh, oh [, Music, ], good, I didn't break it. I need that shit. Have you ever needed a blue pen? Alright? So I guess I sprayed a lot of shit on here because they said it should be dry in like 15 minutes and it's been well over 15 minutes. So either it's false advertising or I just sprayed a friggin ridiculous amount. But um I mean it's dry enough. I think it'll probably stay close to this color black when it gets completely dry, but I'm not gon na sit here and watch it dry. It'S dripping on here stripping from up there tripping to down here, but also, I know I shouldn't have gone run on the rims. Hmm, like I said professional yeah, so we'll just have to see another time, because I'm not just gon na sit here all day and walk the shit dry. I sprayed some on the Civic too, but this isn't even dry yet either you know this car, I Drive it all day. You know just daily driving it. I never gets any love, though it's got a couple stickers like this fuck Isis one you can get those stateside, vapor calm, it's got. A freakin bulb tires sort of guys. It'S already down to the wear bars. I'M gon na have to get tires before inspection this month. For this thing, I'm gon na have to all this thing needs all. Do this thing needs four brakes too, so it needs bracing EADS tires to pass inspection. This thing needs everything to pass inspection to be completely honest and he means a lowering kit but yeah. So this month I'm gon na be hurting on play around money for the truck, because I need to spend shit on the Civic. So usually I Drive it every day. I probably heard this thing 15 hours a week which is you know, think about it 15 hours a week. That'S unless you drive for a living, that's a lot of driving. So I just pretty much just change the oil in it and just freakin run it, but I need some. You need some help this time around, so yeah, that's pretty much gon na. Do it for this video today yeah is, if you have any suggestions on how the hell to get sandblast, I would have bedliner that's like been dug in there get. Let me know in the comments please either that or I'm just gon na have to paint over it just dab over it a little bit, but all right yeah. This couldn't do it for today's video, if you did enjoy make sure to leave a like streaks in my freaking paint. I just got ta do this. I still got ta hook this back up who's supposed to be a support piece. It goes from here to here and I never hooked it back up. So you need to do that cuz, this wobbles, all over the place, the backs sturdy, but the front wall goes all over the place so anyway, guys. Thank you all for watching.


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